Project Goals

Ure Turituri

Project & Conservation Goals

  1. Protect and enhance areas of natural, cultural and historical significance.
  2. Promote and provide opportunity for the reintroduction of native fauna and flora.
  3. To ensure discharges of contaminants or water to water, or discharges to land where the contaminant may enter water, including spills of hazardous substances, meet environmental and cultural standards.
  4. To decrease sedimentation which results from accelerated erosion on land, and activities in the beds of streams, that discharge contaminants or result in sedimentation.
  5. To create, by working with landowners, a suitable riparian vegetation margin to stabilise the margins of surface waterbodies and filter surface run-off and coastal margins.

Organisational goals

  1. To maintain Matakana Islands presence as the harbours geographical guardian and reason for the harbours existence.
  2. To recognise Tauranga Harbours importance to the environmental, social and economic well-being of all New Zealanders.
  3. To seek to retain the traditional values of Matakana Islands character and community.
  4. To provide effective planning, monitoring and information on the resources and activities on Matakana Island and its coastline.
  5. To seek to provide educational, training and employment opportunities to the tangata whenua of Matakana Island.
  6. To engage landowners on Matakana Island, providing motivation and encouragement to conserve and enhance biodiversity on Matakana Island.