The Flora

Matakana Island contains pocket remnants of native plants and trees.
We have the following species present –
Pohutukawa, Karaka, Puriri, Manuka, Kanuka, Rangiora, Whau, Tutu, Kawakawa, Karamu, Taupata, Harakeke, Tauhinu, Turutu, Ti Kouka, Mahoe, Pingao, Spinifex,Pimelea arenaria, Carex grass species, Olearia species.


Matakana Island also contains some special species:

New Zealand Broom (Carmichaelia) -
Regionally endangered


Sand Daphne (Pimelea arenaria) -
Chronically threatened, gradual decline


Cyclosaurus Interruptus Fern -
Nationally very rare
The Cyclosaurus interuptus fern is indigenous to the northern North Island, from Te Paki to Kawhia Harbour, The Bay of Plenty, Mayor Island, and the Rotorua Lakes to Taupo. It is found here on Matakana Island at the northern end wetlands. A species of geothermal habitats, and frost-free, coastal and lowland wetlands, especially those dominated by Raupo and Swamp millet grass. A creeping fern with harsh, hairless, olive-green fronds to 800mm long. Frond stalks are slender, almost black at the base but becoming brownish.