Adult Education

Te Akakura - Matakana Island Nursery
In 2006 the Matakana Island Marine Club set-up a small community native nursery on the Island which is used to provide plants purely for restoring the Island. This was achieved through the community coming together and many volunteers putting in their time to build the nursery. We started by all the work being done voluntary and produced 10,000 native plants. Through the communities hard work we were lucky to secure funding support through Nga Whenua Rahui Nga Whenua Rahui is a Maori organisation whose role is to offer Maori landowners a way of conserving their lands while still retaining ownership and control of their whenua. They give advice and offer funding options for the conservation and restoration of privately owned Maori land. and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF - NZ) World Wildlife Fund - New Zealand is the New Zealand arm of WWF, the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation. Our vision is a future where all New Zealanders are environmentally-responsible, and where all our native species are protected and thriving through their natural range. Habitat for Protection Fund, this enabled us to provide part-time employment for our workers in the nursery. Our production has steadily increased every year and now we have out-grown our present site. At the end of 2008 we were lucky enough to secure the lease of the ‘horse paddock’ at the school for our new premises – this is the perfect place as we can involve the tamariki in all facets of the nursery to compliment the environmental education curriculum. We are hoping to gradually increase production over the next few years to get to our target of 40,000 plants a year – all for the Island!!

The nursery provides a great place for adult education in this field of expertise – we are all learning as we go! We have been on Rongoa Maori courses and are all starting a Diploma in Horticulture in 2009, which we are lucky enough to run at the nursery (no travelling to town!) through AgriBusiness Training.

Wetland Monitoring
We are also providing child and adult education and also employment through the monitoring of the wetlands that have undergone restoration.

  • Building the Propogation House!


    Jason, Sam & Tuwhakaea building the Propogation house

    Propogation House
  • First Plants


    Our first few plants!! January 2006

    First Plants
  • Grand Opening!


    Jason, Witana & Koro Melbo at the ‘Grand Opening’

    Grand Opening
  • Kuia Resting


    Our kuia having a little rest at the opening day October 2006.

    Kuia Resting
  • Blessing Ceremony


    . All the whanau at the blessing ceremony

    Blessing Ceremony
  • Nursery Plants


    The nursery full of plants!!

    Nursery Plants
  • Nursery is Full


    The nursery full, full, full!! Not enough room anymore!!

    Nursery is Full
  • High Tech Plant Transport


    Chris carting plants with our high-tech pram!! March 2008

    Plant Transport
  • New Digs


    Kiritae making the first dig at our new premises in the ‘horse paddock’at the kura

    New Digs
  • Spreading Pumice


    Spreading the pumice for the May 2008 plant beds.

    Spreading Pumice
  • New Nursery


    The new nursery taking shape

    New Nursery
  • Shadecloth Going Up


    Haydn, Christo & Jason putting up the shadecloth

    Shadecloth Going Up
  • Plant Moving Day


    The plants being moved down to the new nursery

    Plant Moving Day
  • Seedlings for Potting


    Seedlings ready to be put into pots – Feb 2009

    Seedlings for Potting